Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bucket Seats

Look what I made today!  This is a bucket seat that I made for my Girl Scout troop but it would be super cute in a classroom.  Here is what you need: kitty litter or paint bucket, carpet pad, fabric scraps, Duck Tape and a hot glue gun.  I am so lucky to have a recycle shop close to my house named Leftovers.  They do charge a small fee for recycled items but it is very minimal.  It keeps them up and running.  I took the kitty litter bucket and wrapped it in super cute Duck Tape.  The cushion on top is made from carpet pad that I got free from a local carpet store.  The cushion is wrapped in a fabric sample from a swatch book that I also picked up at Leftovers. The cushion is hot glued to the top.  This was a super easy and cute project.   You could carry it around to tables as you confer with students or put it in a reading area for extra seating.   The best part is that if you take the top off you have extra storage inside!


  1. What a cute project! I think this would work really well on a camping trip. The kids could have their own bucket seat and tote their toys inside.

    I'll be posting this to our Summer Essentials pinboard. Check it out at

    - Chante

  2. What a smart idea. Not only a seat but storage to boot. Remember this when grand kids come to go camping.

  3. You could also buy a $5 "pickle bucket" from Lowes/Home Depot if you can't find the canisters to recycle. Going to try this except the cushion will be Velcro'd onto the lid so when not in use it can go inside that the seats can easily stack up and out of the way.

  4. I went to our local Sam's Club and asked if they had empty frosting buckets, and they were more than happy to share. They do have lids, but are not flip top. The girls are very excited to do this project :o)