Monday, October 17, 2011

One School, One Book

One School, One Book.....Has anyone ever heard of this program? One School, One Book is a reading program that encourages students, parents and the whole school community to read together. Our school decided to try this program this year. We have chosen two books for the year; The Indian in the Cupboard and The Lemonade War. To participate in the program you pay a one-time fee for the different book units available. The units include an opening kickoff assembly, trivia questions, reading timeline, parent letters and so much more. Our school purchased a copy of the books for each family in our school. Currently we are reading The Indian in the Cupboard. Next semester we will read The Lemonade War. Last year we began a reading shirt incentive program. I have to admit that this was my pet project and I stole this great idea from my daughter's school. The student's purchase a reading shirt for a minimal fee and once a week the entire school wears their shirts’.  Once a month the shirts are collected and patches are put on the back to represent the number of books the students have read for the month.  In our building one patch=one book list submitted.  Each grade level has specific book requirements.  In kindergarten I give my students a book list and after they have read 10 books they bring the list back and get a new one.  Last month one of my students read 40 books!   This year we have merged our One School, One Book program with our reading shirts.  I just picked our shirts up tonight to distribute to our school. They are so adorable I had to show them to you. If you have any questions about our reading program please e-mail me. I would love to share!

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